What a Session is Like

​  The knowledge you have about yourself and the vision you have 
about what you want to accomplish is where healing begins.

To heal is to shine your beauty into the world.

  So...first I listen to what you. Then we have in-depth conversation 
about what you are looking to receive, change, 
augment and accomplish. 

We talk about what your dreams and your pain and what is 
going on in your life.

Whatever you feel like opening to me and conveying to me I
 will listen to and honor

 As a healer and seer with over 30 years of experience, training and 
 teaching, I am Inspired by the creatures we are, nature, the arts, the spirit 
and the mind,cosmic or otherwise; I am ever in awe of life.

My hope is to infuse and inspire your spirit with healing, humor, artistic and spiritual expression, and the thoughtfulness of natural inquiry.

  Your individuality and progress is a guide. While some healing
 and coaching results are attained in just a few sessions, there are other
 conditions that will need more time. There can be a number of sessions
 in a row, on a regular basis, or a more sporadic time frame.

 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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