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    Trauma and Healing

    I developed the Reactive Dissonance Reduction 
    Method And authored “There’s No Place Like the 
    Present: a Psycho-Educational Workbook

​Trauma,whether from an emotional cause or physical illness, can cause a part of us to 'leave' in 
order to protect us from feeling pain and suffering that will interfere with our functioning in our lives.
Trauma fragments us so that we are no longer whole.

While this is a form of self-protection which our subconscious mind sees 
as the only alternative to being able to remain in our bodies and present in our lives, 
we become debilitated and disassociated from our lives.

This causes difficulty in being truly present in our lives. When we are missing this 
part of our selves we are not able to function and accomplish what we want to be happy and fulfilled.

But when you are injured physically, emotionally or both together on a continual basis, or one devastating event, your brain and body and the emotional state that this creates, adjust to having to always be on high alert about being hurt.

This state then becomes 'normal'. Your body reacts to your emotional state and your emotional state becomes influenced by your body’s reaction, so it forms a loop that doesn’t stop. 
You may not even be aware of it.

Trauma creates a block to living a present, positive and enriched life. 
Whether it was caused by homelessness, abuse, addiction or a combination of factors; 
trauma can linger in your body, mind and spirit unless addressed.

Our emotional and physical ghosts, perceptions and patterns remain part of us. 
If we live in this past tense of traumatic embodiment, the present and the capacity 
to create a fulfilling future becomes compromised. 
It is difficult to succeed when you are caught in past pains. 
We do not always even know that this is happening.

This workbook and our sessions will teach you how these traumatic reactions happen, 
how to recognize them in yourself, and how to work through them.

 healing is the wisdom inside of you  and the vision in front of you 
In-Sight Healing
 Nanci Bern
trauma-informed healing for your 
physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual health 
Distant & Local
Spiritual Counseling
Trauma creates barriers to living fully
 and in the present.

It keeps us from being engaged in the present because we are still set and reacting to the moral and physical wounds that we suffered in the past, or might be still suffering through now.

But we can move forward and heal.
We can have the life we want
“Look deep into nature, and then you will know everything.”
                                                                                     Albert Einstein