Shamanic Healing

To travel to the deepest realm of a soul and body and to the highest realm of spirit is what
shamans of all spiritual and religious traditions practice.

The shamanic experience infers the act of leaving our everyday reality and employing
specific techniques for the purpose of healing and growth that are performed in this other reality.

How Does Shamanic Healing Work:
                                                 It is healing that goes to the core level of your being.

Everything has an essence and an awareness that we call consciousness. This is true of the microbes in  our blood, 
the synapses in our brains to the muscles that hold us up and the whole of the physical natural world as well. 
This is also true of our energy fields, memories and cognizance and emotions. This also applies to the more 
unseen, non-everyday reality that is nonetheless real and present all the time. Shamanic healing addresses all of
these levels so that healing can be a comprehensive, unified experience and keeps the healing in balance and whole.

 Shamanic techniques can be applied to any system using that system’s symbols and framework, such as Kabbalah 
and Reiki, to name a few. It does not belong to a specific spiritual or religious system. All spiritual and religious 
systems of healing have a shamanic component. They just do not always use the word. 

At times I reach deep inside of your Interior Body/Mind and Spirit Landscape, while other times, I reach  outside 
       of you to a different level of 'reality' by utilizing soul retrieval, extraction,journeying, soul guidance.

There are also Modern Psychological Shamanic Techniques that I teach you to do so 
you can take an active role. There are spirits and energies that work along with us 
that guide as well.    

                     What Shamanic Healing Addresses:

1. Heals the fragmentation that is caused by trauma and injury. This disintegration  of the whole can manifest in                      the form of physical illness, psychological and  psychiatric disorders and spiritual malaise or pain and creative                           blockages.
2. Assists Healing illness by dealing with the physical and  the emotional on the energetic level.
3. Assists in the growth and development of emotional, spiritual, creative and physical goals.
4. Guides exploration and leads to resolution of issues and questions that can range from relationship, career and                    artistic process.
5. Aids in the transition of passing from this life.
6. Cleanses and heals physical spaces when there are spirits and energies present who would be better elsewhere for all of our well being.

                                                Shamanic Techniques:

                                                   Interior Body/Mind and Spirit Landscape
This is a 'type' of shamanic healing that involves going deep into the body of my clients. this is when there is 
a physical diseases we also need to deal with illness on the cellular physical level and this is another kind of 
active shamanic healing. I go inside and relate directly to the inner body consciousness, This is the interior 
landscape, that like the 'unseen' levels is another level unto itself. 

So there is the interior and exterior to make it simple. The shamanic landscape of both have certain 
characteristics in common, or rather the way they are worked with is similar in that they involve an altered state 
on my part and a partnership with healing energies on the other. This is an active as opposed to passive state.                            
Journeying- The center of healing is the soul. The soul is our center and axis. The expression to 'get to the soul 
of the matter', is the truest statement one can make about healing and about living. Shamanic healing begins with 
going on a journey to this place. This where information about and the platform for healing happens. Whether it
is a physical issue, or an emotional one, we need to begin here. This where much information is gleaned and much
healing is done. There are places  I 'go' to when I heal using the shamanic method. It is a very active node of 
healing where I work in direct partnership with your spirit.

Soul Retrieval- Trauma,whether from an emotional cause or physical illness, can cause a part of us to 'leave' in 
order to protect us from feeling pain and suffering that will interfere with our functioning in our lives. The problem 
with this is that we are no longer whole. While this is a form of self-protection which our subconscious mind sees 
as the only alternative to being able to remain in our bodies and present in our lives, we become debilitated 
and disassociated from our lives. This causes difficulty in being truly present in our lives. When we are missing this 
part of our selves we are not able to function and accomplish what we want to be happy and fulfilled. A soul 
retrieval entails reaching that part of the spirit and soul level and healing that issue so that it can become 
reconnected to the rest of a person and fill that gap that was previously interfering with attaining wholeness. A soul

Soul Guidance- My medicine elder refers to this as 'giving the last rites'. Some refer to this as being a psychopomp.
When someone is in the process of what I call 'active dieing', they sometimes need help along the way. I do not
have to be in their presence to assist them, although some people and their families prefer this. Please feel free
to call and ask for this is you feel this will help alleviate some difficulty and help you loved one's spirit.

Extraction- Sometimes an issue or illness is ready to be released, but is a little 'stuck'. Inertia has set in and the
best way to let it go is to literally pull it out, or 'box its ears and be done with it', as an elder once said. This is only       done with permission.

                                      Modern Psychological Shamanic Techniques 
Sometimes it is more appropriate for a patient to use the structures of shamanic healing in a deliberate and 
consciously active way. I can foster this for them by adapting the framework of this ancient path to our 
modern psychological perspective, healing and growth.I can go with them on a conversational and imaginal journey, 
soul retrieval or whatever exploration is called for. Who we are, what we feel, our thoughts and experiences 
comprise our personal landscape and this kind of shamanic journey can be empowering. My patients also will 
then have the tools to do this on their own to continue their process. Generally, a combination of these two 
kinds of works brings deep and long lasting results. 

Either way, this is where much information is gleaned and much healing is done. These places are where I 'go' to 
when I treat a client by using the shamanic method. It is a very active mode of healing where I work in 
direct partnership with my various healing guides and partners and client’s spirit.

With these techniques we can walk the labyrinth of this land and climb the mountain to spirit. 
These are the places where true healing and possibilities live.

A shamanic healing takes
care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being by getting in direct contact and interacting  with what you want to get healed. 

 healing is the wisdom inside of you  and the vision in front of you 
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