Reiki (rei-universal ki-energy) is a Japanese energy practice. It is a dynamic healing method that uses this universal energy sometimes through the gentle laying on of hands and other times by active direction of this healing energy while close by, or through distance healing when not present. 

Reiki is extraordinary for physical healing, emotional, spiritual, artistic and mental development as well as for relaxation. It is a powerful tool for pain relief, energy building to accelerate recuperation and maintaining balance on all levels.

Reiki was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the Japan in the 1920s. He was a Buddhist monk, as well as a business man. He studied various energy systems before developing Reiki, and then creating a healing society which he named 'Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai',of the 'Usui Reuki Healing Society'. 

Reiki can be learned through attainments from a Reiki master/teacher as well.    

Reiki Sessions

 Reiki enhances allopathic modalities, reduces and releases trauma from acute injuries and illness on the energetic spiritual level to allow a more complete recovery,remove residual cell memory that interferes with healing. 

Reiki is also a powerful healing modality for emotional issues such as stress, trauma and as an adjunct with therapy for more serious emotional and mental conditions. Spiritual and artistic as well as the life issues we all face can be explored through a session that unfurls the blocks that we have that keep us from being our most complete selves.

Self-treatments are also empowering and imperative for chronic issues such as
arthritis, colitis and even anxiety. These kind of conditions need constant care, as well as the emotional support to cope. When your healing is in your own hands, you  

 Reiki Classes

           First Degree:

Students receive the first four energy attunements. These hand on 'initiations' open you to receive and to become a vessel for this energy. Breathing, movement,visualization and meditation are taught and practiced to aid in opening exercises and working with Reiki. We will explore what it really means to heal, what this energy 'feels' like and how ti affects us on all of our levels of being. Basic hand placements and mudras are also learned as we do individual and group healings.

          Second Degree:

Generally those who take this degree want to become more active healers, however it is also appropriate for those who want to use Reiki for personal reasons only, as well. The experience of Reiki energy deepens as students are attuned to the first three Reiki symbols. Their multi-faceted qualities and uses are taught and practiced. Much discussion and of what it means to heal another, as well as what we experience while giving a healing is explored. The practice of patience, discernment and what prayer has to do with healing is also given attention. The art of dealing with patients is also discussed. 

         Third Degree:
  This is done on an individual basis.

 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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