Ceremony is a way, a path that you create to get to a specific emotional, spiritual, mental or artistic place where you can deal with and explore and express issues in a nurturing, creative, powerful and heartfelt manner. 

 The ceremonial act brings the sacred space into our lives. This adds a level, a dimension to our experience and healing.

Ceremony is the inherent,visceral language of our being.

                                    Why Create your own Ceremony

Our own lives and accomplishments, happiness and sadness need its expression. Life 
is full of moments that define us. Whether it is the joy of forming a new relationship 
or the painful ending of one. Perhaps the emotional breakthrough you have been 
working towards finally occurred, and now you are a different person who will live 
life differently, This entails letting go of the old and embracing the new. This is a 
deeply personal and important time that needs to be reckoned with and held. 
Perhaps a personal ceremony to connect to the sacred and divine brings that 
presence more deeply into your soul and is ultimately more meaningful for you. 

                                        What Does Ceremony Really Do

     Ceremony can be the catalyst toward moving to a  new 'place', or it can be an utterance 
of an ending. It is a statement on both ends.

    Ceremony ends, begins, helps us with and creates the momentum to achieve our goals and examine ourselves.

   Ceremony is a metaphor, a rendering of an issue, vision and desired end, a fulfillment. It marks time, created space, helps us heal, move on and name.

Ceremonies or rituals typically commemorate, celebrate, dedicate and define our
relationship or circumstance, as are usually 'performed' by a 'certified' person in a 
public setting that is aimed at a group of people for a communal cause. While you can 
apply the ceremony to your personal life, the thrust os the ceremonial occasion is 
toward an amporphous group experience, certain rites-of-passage non withstanding. 
These can be powerful and healing in their own way, but for many, this is not enough.

All of these themes;the evento to commemorate, the reason to celebration the time to dedicate and the issue to define, are also part of our personal and private landscapes that need attention and care.

 healing is the wisdom inside of you  and the vision in front of you 
Creating your own ceremony is and important component of healing and maintaing your health and happiness on all levels.
I can guide you on this process.

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