Flower and Gem Essence 

  Flower and Gem Essences reach the deepest levels of your physical body's cellular foundation 
and the highest subtle levels of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to bring you 
into balance and wholeness. 

 A flower or gem essence is a tincture that has been imbibed with the vibrational and medicinal energy 
of a particular flower or gem. It is made by placing  the flower or gem into spring water where it saturates the water with its qualities. The energetic imprint remains after the flower or gem is removed.  

    A few drops of this tincture are taken orally and placed on points of the body at prescribed intervals. 
This is not aromatherapy. There is no scent or oil in the tincture. Essences can be used with 
allopathic medicine as an adjunct treatment as well. There is not conflict or contraindication.

How Do Essences Work

The state of our lives is organized by the whole, the entirety, of our beings. Vibrational therapies 
reach this entirety and can effect a healing in a balanced and thorough manner.

Our physical bodies have another structure that is comprised of a higher,or not physically apparent, 
matrix of frequencies that react to what occurs in our more dense body of the physical. This 'body' 
has its own measure of health. Our unconscious and subconscious emotions, our thoughts, memories, 
conscious emotions and deep, physical cellular memories and awareness comprise this body. 

These two bodies are connected, so whatever happens to one, is also felt and reacted to by the other. 
They are mirrors for each other.

This 2 body system is electrical in origin, so that when we are out of balance,whether from a physical 
cause, or emotional upset, this electrical system shorts out and we are no longer in balance and in health.

Flower and gem essences have vibrational and  medicinal qualities, that can reach all these levels 
and balance them toward a healthy state.Just like herbs, each essence has a particular quality 
that addresses a variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.They have a physical 
electrical current, that as science progresses, is gaining the technology to measure. Today this is some 
of the most developing and cutting edge energy work available.

What Do Flower and Gem Essences Address:
Physical-Body and Brain 

The Body 

       Essences can be used for managing the pain and stress of purely physical issues ranging from 
       a chronic long term issue, or for an acute situation; such as an injury or sudden illness. 
Essences reach the different levels of our bodies and minds that physical problems affect. 
       There is the injury or illness itself; the concurrent physical trauma or reaction to the illness/injury 
       which can become embedded in the energetic cell memory of the body; the possible 
       miasm(or proclivity toward this occurring again that may be starting to form); the disruption 
       in the the electrical system that will cause an imbalance; and the emotional,mental and 
       spiritual stress that is inherent with illness and injuries. Illness is an often unforeseen disruption 
       in our lives. We can be unseated quickly and not be able to balance ourselves.

The Brain

      Brain chemistry that is out of balance commonly manifests itself as depression, bi and mono-polar and 
       schizophrenic conditions. While allopathic pharmacology is necessary, and even life preserving for 
      many,for some essences can be a strong ally and adjunct for others. These conditions are serious 
       and I believe that when considering possible other options you should include your physician 
       in your decision. Western medicine is not the totally toxic enemy, especially where psychotic 
       conditions exist. I believe that these therapies can work together. 
      There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a treatment plan, 
however flower and gem essences can play a role, as do other alternative treatments. 


       Just because we can't 'see' these states of our being, doesn't mean that they do not possess 
their own energetic  bodies or form. Essences can reach these bodies and deal with whatever 
issues you choose. This application of essence therapy is where it really started and what 
garnered attention as its efficacy was clear and wide ranging. What we feel what we project from 
ourselves to the world how  we express our lives

 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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