Kabbalah offers a blueprint and the tools to enrich our personal and spiritual lives 
by connecting us to the higher spirit and our inner souls.

Although Jewish in origin, Kabbalistic thought and practices are useful and healing for everyone.

Kabbalah is Hebrew for 'to receive'. We receive the practical and mystical teachings of how the universe 'works', our place in it, and specific healing techniques and spiritual practices to learn that will enhance our lives. These tools and teachings give us the skills to grow, heal and create the lives that we desire.

According to Kabbalah, the world was created by the breath and word of Spirit-the Divine Creator/Intelligence. By removing itself from the place that was to be our universe, there was now a place for us. This breath emanated as light and these light emanations became the tree of life with its branches(paths and sefirot), the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the energy 

As a healer, I use Kabbalistic techniques in my sessions. 

These range from using specific Kabbalistic energy patterns in a hands on session, journeying in a shamanic manner applying the various 'medicine wheels' that are kabbalisitc in origin. Shamanic techniques are part of every healing tradition, the 'tools' of different traditions may vary, but the application is the same.  

As a teacher I give you practical spiritual,emotional and physical tools for your life.

For Example
Letter and Tree of Life meditation and journey work:

Hebrew letters (like animals in Native American medicine) have meanings and applications for the many kinds of healing and growth that we seek. The Tree of Life has 'branches','sefirot' and paths that also are ready tools and a place for us to go to for our healing and growth. I can guide you there and show you how to work with this world and apply it to your life, be it the everyday concern or a more intricate matter.

Monthly Spiritual Meaning

Each month has a special meaning and spiritual or energetic force with which we can connect. We can use this understanding and apply it to our own lives and use this understanding for our own growth. Every month has certain energetic or spiritual aspects that correspond to an individual part of our psychological/spiritual make-up. This means that each month is geared to helping us deal with that aspect in the positive and the more difficult manifestations. We call this process ‘tikkun’ or ‘fixing’. Each month was created by the energy of specific letters which correspond to the planet, the astrological sign of the month, the tarot cards, the permutation of the letters that comprise the name for spirit, the holidays-if there are any for that month. 

A Construct of Consciousness or How Kabbalah 'Works'  

Picture yourself in a room. You have been in here before. You see your favorite chair. The view outside the window is another familiar sight. But then, for an instant, you see something in the corner that moved before you could get a clear picture of what it was. Where might it have come from. You had never seen anything like that in here before.
This is Kabbalah-the seen and the unseen together, living in tandem.

Kabbalah is an all encompassing world, soul and spirit paradigm. It addresses all facets of our living experience.This point of view understands that there is more to what is alive than what we see with our physical eyes. There are other levels of reality, other energetic worlds that permeate, imbibe and enliven everything and exist along with our everyday perceptions and experiences. These other levels are accessible to us if we know the way there. They have form and function that create their energetic structure that exists in tandem with our own. These two worlds and their relationship is what I call the Construct of Consciousness.

This 'Construct of Consciousness' is an energetic  that is the path we can follow. This is similar to the Native American Medicine Wheel. 

Jewish Practice and Observance

Jewish observance is also deepened by understanding the Kabbalistic and Hasidic aspects of the various holidays, prayers and rituals. For example, when you light Shabbat candles, you are really calling in a higher level of your soul. By having this intention and making certain physical movements, you add a new layer to your spiritual practice. 

 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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