Tarot Readings and Coaching    

Tarot is a directed and nurturing way to clarify issues, ask questions and explore
our dreams. Through the use of cards pictured with the archetypes and symbols of
our human condition, this endless language can engage our souls in the
conversations of our lives.

Tarot is a powerful tool that we can use for this exploration. Tarot readings 
are a concise way to get the information and gain the understanding 
that we need. We can also be shown options and ways of looking at 
circumstances that we might not have considered previously.

We also each have tarot 'birth cards' that are a blueprint of our souls and spirit.
 A reading can help us gain the skills toward growth and resolution and 
to see further possibilities. The cards can show you the truth with 
ageless wisdom, compassion and even gentle humor.

Readings can be free form and conversational. As we discuss an issue, cards are
drawn and explained. This 'improvisational' method often leads to creating conversations between the various cards. Experiencing the cards in 
impromptu scenes together opens doors that otherwise might remain closed.

Structured readings that are laid out in complete forms are enlightening 
in another way and lead to insight as well. It is really a matter of what is 
best and most comfortable for my client.

Tarot can also be used with other healing methods to delve deeper into an 
issue, such as something that happened while journeying, or to look at an issue.

I have developed what I call the Tarot Pathwork Discovery Method, which 
follows the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is based on the diagram of 
Tree of Life. There are energy centers(leaves) and paths(branches) and 
levels of the 4 worlds in the cosmos of the Kabbalah.While this is 
a more complex reading, again, often this is what is needed.

Eastern medical theory says that we need to get a seasonal check up.Each 
season has different effects on our bodies, and we each react to them 
differently. We have slightly different needs for each time of the year. 
After assessing our particular state of health, with the optimal goal of health in 
mind, a remedy is given.

If our bodies need this attention, then so do our minds, emotions and spirits. 
If we were to take a picture of our minds, find an image for our emotions,
 render a visual of our spirits, what would they look like.Like our bodies,are 
we healthy and happy, satisfied with where we are in our lives, or are there
things we want yet to accomplish and understand.

 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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