"Look deep into nature, and then you will know everything better."
                                       ~Albert Einstein

Eco-Art Expression is a psychological and spiritual discipline that combines art-making(painting, writing, movement,etc) and eco-psychology (thinking, relating, feeling and relating to the Earth’s wisdom in mind). 

This can be used to gain insight, inner-healing, self-discovery, life issues and transitions, spiritual growth to name but a few.

Client ‘Being in connection with nature, adding Nature into your list of trusted friends for whom you care and go to for advice and solace as well as celebration makes life fuller. There are also now more skills and mode of understanding and information tools for me. “

Example of a Process:

Purpose: Exploring how nature can assist you in letting go of stale habits and limiting beliefs by recycling this “mind-pollution” into more supportive energy. 

Think of something in your life that you want to let go of and transform. Is there something, perhaps a haunting hurt, an attachment to negative thinking, a failure that you would like to transmute into a lesson that will help you move forward.

To Do: 
Create a piece of artwork about your issue and name it. Now look to see a nature object that attracts you and can assist you in altering your art. This is about letting go of the issue represented by your art piece. Give your new artwork a new name.

"After drawing some of the curving lines I looked and just cracked up, in a good way. They looked like a swan. Well, I was attempting to let go and say goodbye to all those hard feelings. This lesson was to be my ‘swan song’ to them. "

"I felt a wind and knew that I wanted to give these feeling up to wind to let them finally leave. I was ‘told’ to make a wind chime. As this lesson was about transformation, I wanted to use Nature’s materials from the garden."

The embodiment of the natural world into our internal landscape is a fundamental need of our culture. Nature speaks to us through our senses, many of which we are unaware. Nature is an intelligent and communicative force that offers us wisdom, healing and restoration. 

When we approach nature as a teacher and healer that it is, we will be led to what will help us. After stating our intention and asking permission to enter this natural realm, we explore what attracts us. What plant, animal, cloud, speaks to us. How does it relate to our issue. We look at the characteristics and life cycle, what relationship it has to the rest of its environment. How does this relate to your issue. What light does it shed. You will be surprised by how smart Nature can be!

Eco-Art Expression
 healing is the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
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Art-making is presence making.

The act of creation 
our senses, our minds, 
our spirits 
our hearts 
our truth
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