'Healing' is 'to restore to integrity.' Integrity is an unimpaired condition 
where our minds, bodies and spirits are harmonious, balanced and whole. 
We all have this place inside us, sometimes we just lose our way there.

I work with clients 
in a trauma-informed, 
shamanic, psychological and spiritual framework.

I assist you to come into alignment with the many realms of self.

In person sessions are not always possible, 
but that does not mean we cannot work together. 
I can work with many and can work with you in distant healing sessions.
Healings can be received for trauma issues, relaxation, to accelerate a healing process already begun, deal with a physical , emotional,mental, artistic or 
spiritual issue. Our work together can be the main modality used, or we can 
work along side other  treatments, such as allopathic medicine 
as a support and enhancement.

All things have 

This is true of our bodies, 
of our thoughts, memories and energy fields, the world around us,
 and  in the non-physical world that we do not as easily see.

 I call this the 'Construct of Spirit'

My healing work involves all three of these elements. 
I maintain a constant conversation between 
these realms so that clients are mended from all of these 
levels. This insures a complete healing possibility.

The different techniques and modalities I use each have what I call their individual 'Construct of Consciousness' that define what they are, 
how they work and how I work with them. 

I consider myself to be in partnership with these various healing worlds which require a continuous active relationship of communication.


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Nanci Bern
trauma-informed healing for your 
physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual health 
In-Sight Healing
 the wisdom inside of you and the vision in front of you 
A natural and active healer since young, I developed my own system. I later became a Reiki Master, Shamanic and Kabbalistic healer and teacher.

 I am a Certified Trauma Professional and Eco-Art Therapist.

Author of the trauma workbook:

Distant & Local
Spiritual Counseling